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The one thing that every fundraising event can use is space! The Skokie Conference and Banquet Center is one of the largest venues on Chicago's North Shore which means space is no problem. To host a successful fundraiser is not an easy task. Let our seasoned staff help you to plan the right flow and environment focused on the guests' enjoyment and, ultimately, meeting fund raising goals.

Need ideas for your next fundraising event?

Auctions are a big hit and easy to organize in compliment to your main event. The most successful auctions always have items displayed for viewing. Take full advantage of our separate meeting rooms, atrium, and grand ball room to "wow" your audience.

Themed parties can also be a big hit! Who doesn't love an excuse to get dressed up, perhaps in costume, and spend some time inn another world?

Raffles can be great especially if you have more then one day to raise money. Raffles can conclude during your event, however, ticket sales can precede the event for weeks!

Reach out to our planning team to learn more...

Monday October 26, 2020