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Over The Hill

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In a time when 40 is the new 20, and 60 is the new 30 it is unclear exactly when you're Over The Hill. Suffice it to say when it is time to throw a party to celebrate a friend or family members' clear passage Over the Hill, the Skokie Banquet Center has you covered. A celebration can be as simple as a private room in our resident Tavern and Grill, Bar Louie or a fully catered affair in the North Shore Ballroom. Our planning team can combine just the right amount of elegance, celebration, and embarrassment to any Over The Hill honoree.

Here are a few aspects of our property that lend itself to a great surprise venue!

  • We are also home to Holiday Inn Skokie, making it very easy to "hide" surprise guests.
  • Many hosts lure the unsuspecting honoree into the party with a simple invite for lunch, dinner or drinks, at Bar Louie.
  • Many honorees were lured into their own parties under the promise of a "Staycation" away from the family.
Monday October 26, 2020