Family & Class Reunions

Family Reunions are unique opportunities to gather family together and celebrate your heritage. ďMeet and GreetĒ icebreakers, dinners with possible games and dancing, and farewell breakfasts are all ways to assemble and commemorate your roots. Whether itís been 10, 20 or 50 years since you graduated itís never too early or too late to re-unite with old friends at a Class Reunion. Casual or formal, it doesnít matter Ė itís about re-connecting and reminiscing!

The 250 room Holiday Inn and Suites Chicago North Shore has plenty of overnight accommodations and our banquet and meeting space, along with our flexible menu options, make Skokie Banquet and Conference Center the venue of choice when planning a Family or Class Reunion. Let our Sales Managers assist you with reserving rooms for your guests.