Host Fundraisers of All Shapes & Sizes in Skokie

The one thing every fundraiser can use is space! Skokie Banquet and Conference Center is one of the largest venues on the North Shore so space is no problem. To host a successful fundraiser is no easy task. From ladies' luncheons to evening galas our knowledgeable team will use their expertise to help you plan the perfect menu, event flow, feel and environment focused on your guest's enjoyment and, ultimately, your fund-raising goals.

Need ideas for your next fundraising event?

Auctions are a big hit and complement your main event. Take full advantage of our separate meeting rooms, indoor Atrium and Grand Ballroom to showcase your auction items and “wow” your guests! 

Themed events are also a big hit! Who doesn't like to get dressed up, perhaps in costume, and spend some time in another world? 

Raffles can be great addition. Ticket sales can precede the event for weeks and conclude with fanfare during your function.